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Lyrical Abstractions

Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery is pleased to present "Lyrical Abstractions," a dynamic new collection of paintings and sculptural works by Freiman Stoltzfus.

Music has been my primary influence for some time. Around a decade ago, I began cutting and tearing bars of sheet music, affixing them to my canvases to create a collage effect. Gradually, the peripheral theme became the central focus -- from a series of works honoring my favorite composers, and finally to this exhibit, "Lyrical Abstractions." I have painted non-figuratively for years, but this collection marks the first cohesive, intentional journey into abstraction. Many people (and occasionally I) have considered abstract painting a less skillful approach - throwing paint at a canvas. I have come to the realization that it requires more, not less, discipline and rigor. Of utmost importance to me are composition, color harmonies, and poetic line, all of which have their echoes in music. Using a lyrical premise, I found myself following a thread of musical thought; seeking beauty without words or recognizable form. These pieces are close to my emotional sensibility as an artist -- I did them for myself, as a celebration of sound and lyricism.

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